Our country is divided. People of one race, religion, class, are in conflict with those of a different one. The only way we'll unite our country is when we intentionally forge relationships between folks of different backgrounds. Let's start with youth.

"I was in middle school.  Especially in the earlier years you could see a racial divide in the overall community...there was a lot of reclusiveness where each race stayed within their own group because of a lack of relationship" - Gus, Camp Common Ground youth leader

Gus is going to do something about this! This Giving Tuesday, we have the opportunity to make sure our youth aren't divided because of their race, class, gender, or sexual orientation.  With your donation, you'll fund 40 youth leaders' work to bridge gaps between the thousands of youth in our communities.  You'll make sure we don't see the same divisions a generation from now that we see in our communities today.

Here's how we will use your donation:

#1: Camp Common Ground partners with schools.  We meet with school principals to learn about the cultural divisions in their school.

#2: School principals nominate youth leaders to address the problem.

#3: Those youth leaders attend Camp Common Ground's summer camp program to learn the skills they'll need to lead initiatives that build understanding between youth of different backgrounds.

#4: Next school year, each youth leader works with a leadership coach to implement their plan. The leadership coach works with the youth leader and principal to lead initiatives in Advisory, classrooms, and assemblies to build understanding between students at the school.

Suggested donations amounts (just suggestions, any donation matters!):

$50: Pay for food and housing for 1 youth leader for a day

$100: Offer a $100 scholarship to a young person to attend Camp Common Ground

$200: 40 youth leaders come to a leadership retreat.  At each retreat youth leaders work with their coach to implement the initiatives at their schools.

$600: 40 youth attend 3 leadership workshops to lead efforts at their school that build understanding

$700: All of our youth, especially those with limited financial means, can ride the bus to get to Camp Common Ground

$1400: All of our youth, especially those with limited financial means, can ride the bus to and from Camp Common Ground

$1640: Covers a day of food and housing costs for 40 youth who want to build understanding among their peers

$2400: Builds understanding among 100 youth by creating a youth leader